An impressive list of quarterly releases for Dungeons and Dragons through 2023 features giants, Planescape, and Many Things

We recently got a look at the upcoming publication schedule for Dungeons and Dragons through the end of 2023, and though the amount of information is a little overwhelming, it's also pretty exciting.

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For nearly a decade, millions of players around the world have enjoyed Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. You've shared your adventures at the gaming table with us, as well as your feelings about what you love most about the game-and what you think can be improved. And we've heard you.


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Scarlet Keys

Strange disappearances haunt the city of Arkham, Massachusetts. With each object, building, or person that vanishes, they are erased not just from physical existence, but from history and memory as well. Only a select few investigators remember those that vanished-or so they believe.

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In the Witchlight - Author's personal note to readers: * This is a work in progress. Not by any means is it a finished product, but so